12-Jul-04 (Created: 12-Jul-04) | More in '05.10-Letters To My Daughter'

"deetee" in child-speak

Child-speak is quite interesting. Either it is the element of surprise for an adult to decipher a parallel sound or just an evolutionary slavery that was inculcated into the brains of a parent. Narayan, 19 months, has a little bit of vocabulary now.

Not to offend the pains caused to his mother he started off with Mom. For the superstitious he woke up on Dad's day and clearly said Dad. Well a good excuse for the rest of the family not to get me anything else.

In fact before he remembered Mom or Dad, his favorite object and word is ball. He has variations on this word. While he seeks it he calls a round object a "ball". When he gets hold of it it becomes "baa-laa" with a clear glee.

The other day I was sweeping the kitchen. Then I saw this diaper clad otherwise buck naked little figure running through the kitchen start saying "deedee" with his mouch curled up into a surprise-o. I acknowledge thinking he is calling me Daddy, "deedee" being close. "I am sure there are other activities that Daddy does, and wants to be recognized other than sweeping floors" is really what is going through my mind.

Now he takes his little finger and points to the to the trash and insistently calls it this time "deetee" with a discernable frown and a left to right head shake. Well it is child-speak for "Clue-less-grown-up I mean to say Dirty".

It is quite familiar now to hear "deetee" around kitchen sinks and also in public sometimes, referring to various inanimate and animate objects at which time I translate it to "Daddy" and sport a courteous smile.