22-Jun-04 (Created: 22-Jun-04) | More in '05.10-Letters To My Daughter'

Men don't follow titles, they follow courage


You display so much pleasure in almost everything. I watch you singing for no reason. I watch you play with beads of almost no value. I watch you forget the world in twisting a rectangular paper strip in to circle. And I watch you all the time complain: Daddy, am I having fun. In a parallel reflection I question my self, am I asking myself as abundantly now: Self, am I having courage? My hope when you grow up is that you ask yourself very vigilantly both the questions.

Another thought crosses my mind as I tell myself how important this character trait is. If I were to take you by hand and lead you to the Devine, I should foremost ask for your courage, for I know then that you shall with stand even when all else fails.

As we move through life, we come to many forks. One that is easy and one that is right. Only through the lens of courage can the right path be seen.

More than anything else, it is an important quality to think through and practice

On the lighter side, when you grow up to be a woman, the saying should be extra applicable :)