17-May-04 (Created: 17-May-04) | More in '05.10-Letters To My Daughter'

Great art begets Great Nations

Dialing through the radio today I heard a passing remark that "Great nations deserve great art". The composition was compelling but I prefered to rearrange the order of the sentence and make a bold prediction that perhaps "Great art begets Great Nations".

Art is the candle. Art is the potential that the drifting masses hang on to in the storm of time and in the time of change. At times of despair it is the hope.

Art is religion for some. Art is song for some. Art is engineering for some. In all cases it is an act of love and the seed of action.

Where it is not held in chains humanity should prosper and where it is a medieval darkness should descend.

Mighty kings may have shaped the dominions in their rein, but it is Shelly that should be known in the next nation.

Rulers of various hues may have empires over the Hindukhush but it might be the Gita that is in the heart of the citizen, the scientist, perhaps the next ruler