1-Mar-04 (Created: 1-Mar-04) | More in '05.10-Letters To My Daughter'


Narayan is a year and 3 months. He is walking around quite good now. His favorite hobbies include toppling oversized things among other destructive things. This past sunday like many husbands of the modern times, otherwise quite respected, I was washing dishes while watching Narayan. He is at his game destroying things in the living room. Kavitha, my 5 year old, is kind of keeping an eye on him as I couldn't spot him exactly what he was upto from where I was washing the dishes. Kavitha got hold of a puppet doll. It wasn't long before she tied knots around it. Now she is all concentration trying to unknot the doll. I hear the frustrating sounds of a 1year 3 months old. More than usual the presense of Kavitha around a 1 year 3 month old can cause this. So I yelled "Kavitha what is the problem?" as I lift my head from the sink. I can see this time though that she couldn't be the reason as I see her in the middle of the room focussing on the puppet. As I was conjecturing this I hear the answer floating by. Katiha didn't even turn her head. She simply stated using a pronoun: "He is trying to lift the sofa" and continue to unravel the puppet.