19-Oct-03 (Created: 19-Oct-03) | More in '05.10-Letters To My Daughter'

Oh! How sweet! You are a candy to the intellect

The other day it was an evening time. It had just gotten dark outside. you were doing something in the kitchen. I had Narayan in my hand. I was walking out of the kitchen, and I had turned the lights off.

You said. "Dad, I was scared for a moment. I thought the "Electric city" was gone again."

You were hesitant in getting your tongue around "Electricity" to finaly decide on "Electric City" as your chosen sound.

It was inventive, sweet, and tacky. I wish grownups take such chances in every day lives to try out when they are not sure. Venture out and invent something. Go beyond their means to wring the possible out of the impossible.

For every one of these phrases you utter there must be 3 more that I forget to write down.

It is from the unexpected that an intelligent human being derives pleasure. This is the kick in exploration. This is the true pleasure of science.

Thank you for reminding me.