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Behavioural tests for Portlets

1. Go to a pane after login: First time pane display

The panel should display the first page for that user after a session is established

2. Maximize a portlet: Maximize
The portlet's content should be displayed in maximized state using its cache

3. Restore the portlet: Restore
The portlet should display the cached contents

4. Navigate to a link in that portlet: Portlet Drilldown
A. The new content should be displayed in that portlet
B. The rest of the portlets should retain their content

5. Maximize the portlet: Maximization of a drill down
A. The new content should be displayed from the cache. 
B. It should not display the first page.

6. Go to a different tab: Changing a pane
A. There should not be any activity on these portlets

7. Come back to the pane in question: Revisiting a pane
A. There are two actions possible
B. Show the portlets in their original state retainin the state
C. All portlets on that pane will 

8. Go to a pane in its original state: Home pane
A. Navigate through a couple of portlets
B. How do you get back to the home pane

9. Refresh a pane: Pane Refresh
A. All portlets should referesh their current content
B. A seems to be at odds with the "Portlet Drilldown" test case

0. Nature of the Jetspeed URLs in general.
1. Nature of the URLs when a pane is hit.
2. Nature of the URL when a portlet is maximized.
3. Nature of the refresh URLs.
4. Is there any way to know that a browser is sending a refresh vs a regular URL call?
5. Is there any explicit pane refresh?