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No buddy allowed, only friends

A considerable number of hand written notes guard her, as she calls the ENTRANCE, but essentially her door. Most of those notes deal with who should stay out of her room. The objects may range from generic, parents for instance, to specific, Ashley for example. Obviously I, nor anyone else whether listed or not, do not pay any attention to what is on the door, until I have started realizing there is a certain amount literary value to these, obiously painstakingly crafted decissions.

The other day we were celebrating Narayan's 2nd birthday. We had a houseful of kids and adults. She thought she was discouraging the younger ones and older ones by posting a note. Very phonetically chose inscription reads

No buddy allowed, Only friends!!!

I was surprised as this writing spanned multiple lines and after having only read the first part "No buddy allowed..", I said to myself, what on earth would she write that for. It would have been 100% natural to see things like

"No Mom and Dad allowed"

when she is a little upset or

"No Satya allowed"

When she is really mad. But she would never write to keep her buddies out. This must be serious I was thinking. So I stalled and read the rest. That was funny I thought, however unintentional. A normal observer would have stopped there.

But an analytical, nothing better to do parent, reasons further. And he comes up with these.

For a 6 year old, 'u' is taught in school to sound more like "ah" in "fur". So to spell "body" in "No body" she choose "bu" for the first part. Then what about "ddy"? Well she pressed the "d" twice to show you how serious she was about the "No body" part.