18-Nov-04 (Created: 18-Nov-04) | More in '05.10-Letters To My Daughter'

Daddy, the blanket will be coldiee

I prefer warm water for brushing teeth or washing hands and Kavitha prefers cold. When in hurry, particularly the mornings, I turn on the water for her to brush her teeth. By habit I always turn it on and keep it in the warm setting. Kavitha tells me subsequently "Daddy, accidentally you have turned on the water on the warm side". I am quite humbled by the exonerating virtuosity of "accidentally". I am not sure where she picked it up from but she uses it quite often under similar circusmstances.

I usually wake up around 6:30 and be ready by 7. Then I start my journey upstairs. Everystep step adds an extra ounce of stress as I go through my strategies to wake up this 6 year old. She is one tough cookie to wake up. In the complicated script that ensues there is a step when I have to separate the 6 year old from her blanket. The other day she said with out a feather of a surprise, "Daddy the blanket will be coldiee..". Her eyes were still closed and her feet a bundle under her chest.