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Numbness in and around the pinky fingers: ulnar nerve?

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I woke up a couple of days ago, and in the shower I have noticed tingling in the finger tips of my left hand. And then the tingling and the numbness has been persisting for a few days now.

I still have numbness in my pinky and the ring finger.

I also have noticed during this onset some tingling in my right hand as well. But the right hand tingling didn't last too long.

It subsided during the rest of the day

Then it was around 6 in the evening. I have had my dinner and was getting back to my room to pack my stuff. It came on pretty strong. In both hands and probably on the left hand side of the whole body.

I went downstairs, got a cab and went to ER. The doctor chcked me out and ruled out any stroke. He suspects something in my elbow.

If it is in my elbow I am not sure why my left body and my right hand, even though momentarily.

Initial Search

I don't think it is carpel tunnel. Indications are the carpel tunnel will impact the thumb and the index finger.

One thought is the ulnar nerve. Here are two links on this subject.

Here is a thread about a similar incident

Here is some information about the ulnar nerve

Another thought is that there is a pinched nerve in the neck. This is possible as that could impact the whole nervous system.